Bell & Ross BR 123

For the longest time my one & only watch was a vintage Rolex from 1976, given to me by my grandfather. He was a man of his culture & his time, so as soon as he could, my grandfather purchased the shiny gold Rolexes so full of diamonds that it was difficult to tell the time. He gave me his plain, silver Datejust – it was his first luxury wrist watch, and mine too.

My first real watch (that I purchased for myself) was a Chronoswiss Timemaster – the old version with the ribbed bezel and onion crown. I added a brown elephant hide strap. My father liked it so much he bought it from me…or, rather, he offered an exchange: a new Bell & Ross for my Chronoswiss.

For work and personal preference reasons, I like my timepieces with as simple a dial as possible. No need to tell me the date, or the day of the week, and I don’t need to measure any speeds. Clarity and the ability to time the seconds is what I need.

Bell & Ross BR123 “Heritage” is one my personal favourites, thus named because of old school detailing inspired by aviation panels from the 1940s. I’ve had it for 3 years now, and it’s almost due for servicing. So easy to read the time on this one:

I wore through the original natural coloured strap – to be honest it was a lousy strap for a wrist watch in this price range. Replaced it with a very nice strap from Maddog Straps – dark purple elephant hide.

If you guys know any other watches with retro-styling and a simple dial, let me know! Always keen to add to my very small collection.



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