The W and Anchor Bros. Clothing measure tape

I’m a medical practitioner by trade, and as part of that I measure people’s bodies…mostly the waist, because, you know, obesity. Anyway one of my dogs chewed up my old measuring tape last month and I’ve been making do with the paper tape that my clinic receives from the government, which is absolutely garbage to use.

Lo & behold this new tool for me from Kurt at S.F.K., the house brand of Faith Co. in Taipei.

Turn around time was only one day from order too, impressive considering it was hand-made to order.

Hand-stitched with waxed linen threads. Hand-burnished edges. The leather housing made with a supple vegetable tanned leather, feels and looks like a European tannage.

The actual tape on the inside is a modern, spring operated measure tape with a red plastic housing.

I’m pretty sure all my colleagues will have tape envy 🙂

I’m an advocate for feeding your natural leather as soon as possible. As you can see in the photo above, it does wonders for the colour, among other things.

Kurt’s goods come highly recommended! Have a look at some more S.F.K. pieces on his website.






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