Troy O’Shea Handmade – Wabash Work Cap

I was looking through Instagram a few weeks ago and came across Troy O’Shea’s hats, thinking to myself: “Why don’t we make stuff like this in Australia?” Well, turns out Troy lives and works in Sydney!

Without further delay, here’s my first made-in-Australia hat that’s not a bush hat, crafted on single needle machines by Troy:

The fabric is a 11 oz duck, with selvedge, from Collect Mill in Okayama (the fabric manufacturing branch of Japan Blue.)

Nice texture and supremely comfortable – ELS cotton from Zimbabwe indeed!

The lining and fastener are herringbone twill.

Double brass D-rings for locking down the fastener.

Three lines of chain-stitch across the soft brim, which keeps its shape well without being rigid.

The fit?

The hat is certainly much more handsome than the man, but at least I have a nice hat!

Check out Troy O’Shea Handmade to see his equally handsome cycling caps.



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