Warehouse 800 review by beautiful_FrEaK

Indigoshrimp is proud to feature another review by reproduction enthusiast beautiful_FrEaK.

This time he examines the Warehouse 800!

Words & photos by beautiful_FrEaK. Editing & formatting by indigoshrimp.


The Warehouse 800 jean is a standard model in the denim line-up of the Osaka5-member Warehouse. Warehouse was founded in 1995 by the Shiotani twins who had previously worked with Yamane from Evis(u). Warehouse has a strong focus on reproduction blue jeans, pursuing the replication of the fit, the denim and the feeling/soul of vintage jeans. The Warehouse 800 is not an exact reproduction of a specific year like most repro jeans from other brands (e.g. Sugar Cane 1947 or 1966, Denime 66 or Warehouse’s own 1003 as a WWII model), but due to the cut and the details it could be counted as a Levi’s ’47 repro.

The fit: The WH 800 has a slimmish cut with a decent taper and a mid to high rise. The fit is certainly not slim by today’s standards. The higher rise might be something you have to get used to, but it’s actually nice to have some room up top. The thighs are slim without being hugging and the light taper gives a nice silhouette below the knee.

The denim: The 800 model uses Warehouse’s 1000XX denim , which is a 14oz 6×6 denim made of 100% Memphis cotton, warp dyed with pure indigo. This denim was also used in the Warehouse 660 Contest that was held by Blue in Green many years ago. It isn’t overly engineered like Oni, Samurai or PBJ denim but has a decent amount of hairiness, neps, slubs and irregularities without losing the vintage-vibe of the denim. Fading examples can be found on Warehouse’s own homepage or by simply searching for Warehouse 660, 700 or 800.

The details: There are many little nice details on this pair like hidden rivets, hidden coin pocket selvedge, deer skin patch, raised belt loops, steel rivets, 100% cotton threads, sturdy pocket bags and the classic V-stitch at the top button . For me, the nicest detail is the raised hem at the top of the back pockets, protecting the threads from excessive abrasion. This is a considered detail not too many brands feature.

Summary: The Warehouse 800 is not an “in-your-face” pair of jeans like some Samurai or Strike Gold jeans. It’s a very subtle but solid pair of blue jeans. A pair of no-frills blue jeans whose beauty lies in the fabric and the little details. Truly a pair that gets better with age and wear.


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