Boot nailing~

Some time ago two pairs of my White’s boots started having some issues with the sole unit.

These were custom makes with double leather mid-soles and a chunky Vibram outsole, but the stitching stopped well short of the mid-foot arch (this arch is quite prominent on White’s boots), and over time – in the area that the stitching did not reach – the plastic outsole came apart from the leather midsoles.

I asked around and apparently no one would do shoe nailing with pure brass nails, so I did it myself!

These are marine-use nails made of solid brass, with small heads.

The hammer is very small – it’s the one I use to flatten the rivets on my jeans.

Hey hey! The alignment is not perfect, but I’m not a robot.

Problem fixed, but now I have to figure out what to do with the remaining 150 nails…


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