Left Field 2012 Duck Chino contest pants – 3.5 year update.

Here with some photos of the 2012 duck chino contest pants from a few weeks ago, freshly laundered.

I kept wearing them after the competition ended – they were a bit more workplace friendly than jeans. I must admit with some guilt that, due to starting full-time work, I wasn’t able to contribute to the contest too much at all…though I did wear them faithfully throughout that year, and continued to do so on a fairly consistent basis in the years after.

Good thing I keep a blog, because I did not remember too much about the fabric after all this time. A snippet from a previous post on this blog:

Our particular fabric is made at Coneโ€™s famous White Oak plant โ€“ 12 oz (#7), indigo warp & weft dyed in the darkest indigo bath that Cone has ever done. Word from Cone is that the dyeing of the weft yarns was particularly tricky, and they will not be doing a true indigo dye for the weft yarns in the future.

Anyway, here they are, 3.5 years later with not a lot of indigo left on the more exposed areas of the chino (keep in mind these are dark dyed indigo x indigo duck). I really like them, both the pants and the fabric:

It’s very interesting to see the subtle ways in which duck canvas ages differently compared to denim twill. On closer inspection the surface evolution and how the indigo falls is really different. Two photos down, have a look at the that dimpling effect.

The buttons were a dark, nut brown. Were.

The aging detail I like the most is probably the ridging along edges.

The back-pocket buttons fell off some time ago.

The chain-stitch is relatively new, wonderfully done by Kurt at Faith Co. in Taipei (yeah I know, rest of the pants use navy threads…).

I also have another pair of brown duck Left Field chinos…but they don’t age quite like this very special indigo Cone fabric.

If you haven’t already, check out Christian’s Left Field products here.


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