Tender Co. rough-out Hill Shoes + Buaisou natural indigo shoelace

My crepe-soled, rough out Hill Shoes from Tender Co. were at first a hesitant purchase back in 2012.

The wattle-tanned natural leather was very intriguing, but it was so pale (daikon level whiteness) and the rough-out backside was very unfinished…I worried about how the shoes might age. But, it really is unusual to find such high-quality leather on footwear, so I took a chance.

Four years later, with consistent twice a week wear, these shoes have not only served me well but have also become much more handsome over-time:

If you look at the above photo closely, you can probably tell it was about time for these shoes to receive a resole. The crepe had worn thin, and was completely smoothed over and black. The leather midsole was a bit banged up too, after so many wears.

The wattle leather, however, has darkened and aged wonderfully.

The colour it is currently displaying is one of my favourite shades of “natural”.

After a clean and some wire-brushing, off to the cobbler it goes! This being Australia, don’t expect anything too fancy.

My cobbler did a fairly good job with cleaning up the midsole and custom-making new leather insole inserts. Wish I could have gotten leather heelblocks though, would have really enhanced the look.

Here comes the fun part!

Buaisou natural indigo vat-dyed shoelaces, from Godspeed store.

These are the medium indigo, 1 m length laces.

You can see the closer-to-original colouring of the tongues after the leather laces were taken out.

I was going to do a standard over-under lacing, but this simple lacing really didn’t do the shoes or the laces any justice! So, I did another lace pattern which I invented…well, I think I invented it anyway.

Yeah baby~

Uh, I think it’s cool anyway. Let’s call it the Shrimp Lace 😛

Ready for another four years 🙂

Check out Tender Co. for a similar shoe & Godspeed for the laces.


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