Redmoon long-wallet evolution

Fellow hobbyist Markus, from Germany, has an interesting method in aging dry goods:

He always purchases two of the same article, keeping one as an original reference whilst putting the other to daily use!

His Redmoon long-wallet at 2 years is particularly impressive, and below are some photos that he had sent to me.

Redmoon’s raw saddle leather are fairly distinct in colour & grain – pale with pink tone – and usually ages with red & yellow tones to the browning.

Check out how the leather has darkened, outlining the unique contours of daily use.

The base colouring has evolved into a chestnut brown.

Isn’t it interesting how even the darkest portions of the leather have achieved a nice shine?

The concho has also taken on an extra polish with use.

Markus has done a fantastic job indeed, and his approach certainly takes it to the next level.



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