Sedgwick English bridle leather mid-wallet

Here’s a beauty from Scott at Don’t Mourn, Organize a couple of months back.

I was curious as to how J&E Sedgwick & Co.’s English bridle leather would work as the outshell of a wallet, after seeing Kawatako using various types of bridles for their wallets over the years.

Scott made this Japanese style mid-wallet out of Sedgwick’s ‘Conker’ bridle…I had wanted Havana or Bottle Green, but these colours weren’t available at the time:

The leather you see here is what may be considered true English bridle leather, which handles very differently from ‘English bridle’ produced in other countries.

The leather is oily, smoothly finished, and has incredible depth & shine.

The leather has worn very well over the past few weeks, and has quite exceptional resistance/recuperation from scratching and scuffing. The shine and depth of finish is also durable.

However, after being caught in a rain some time ago, the area that was exposed to water showed some spot discolouration…….This actually really surprised me, as I would have thought the heavy oil/wax content would have prevented this. Playing around with the leather I was able to mostly even out the discolouration, but it remains discernible on close inspection.

For the inner Scott used natural CXL horsehide from Horween, which wears quite well and doesn’t get messy after being used.

If you are ever curious about a English bridle wallet without the crazy Kawatako pricing for genuine English bridle leather, drop Scott a line at Don’t Mourn, Organize.

Given the issue with water, I would recommend going for a colour which is darker than Conker – a Black or Havana would be quite handsome I think 🙂


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