Troy O’Shea Handmade – Engineer’s Cap

Here’s a new style of hat from Troy O’Shea Handmade of Sydney – the Engineer’s Cap!

This is one of the nicest style of work caps I’ve come across.

Even compared with work caps produced by some of the specialist brands like McCoy’s, the single-man hand-made nature of this hat is discernible.

Compared with most styles of work hat, Troy’s Engineer’s caps have more room up top, creating a slightly wider and taller profile when worn…a better fit for large-headed people such as myself.

I actually own mostly paperboy hats…but the more I wear this cap, the more I’ve come to prefer this style with its more structured profile.

One aspect of Troy’s craft I really enjoy is the fact that he uses raw, unsanforised fabrics – allowing for a shrink-to-fit experience if desired.

This particular fabric is a 12 oz indigo-dyed, unsanforised herringbone twill (HBT) from Collect Mill, Kojima.

This HBT is quite handsome – textured with slight irregularities, full & tactile in handfeel, with a pleasing, lighter shade of indigo – lots of character indeed.

Compare this to the 11 oz wabash duck canvas also from Collect Mill on Troy’s work cap that I posted about last month.

Again, all of this hat was made by Troy on single-needle machines and lined also with HBT.

Check out Troy’s webshop – he also does other styles of hat, and there may be one or two Engineer’s caps left!

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