Liquid Noir skull ring

Here’s something a little different: a memento mori skull ring.

This one was made by the talented duo at Liquid Noir out of bronze, and is a little special: Realistic, intense and not comically exaggerated.

Certainly symbols of death and decay feature in the arts of many cultures…

But did you know that meditating on death and decay was one of the original mindfulness exercises that were practiced by Buddhist monks?

For me, it is not a morbid thing necessarily – a memento mori object can be an instrument to re-tune my focus back to the here and now, even if it does symbolize an eternity of possible nothingness.

The anatomy of the skull is very accurate as far as jewelry goes.

It has a solid, 3-dimensional structure, and measures a little more than 13 grams.

You can even see the coronal suture in the side profile below!

I elected for no further polishing or coating, so it’ll be interesting to see how the bronze will age over time.

This skull ring is available in a different metals – check out Liquid Noir’s Etsy store.


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