Sugar Cane denim detergent + Japan Blue ‘Godzilla” JB0626 – 1 month laundry day.

Look what I found in a random cupboard!

Got a couple of boxes of these from Naoki at Pants Shop some time ago:

Sugar Cane’s enzyme wash and denim conditioner actually work very well.

A little bit different compared with the detergents from Momotaro and Samurai.

The Vintage Wash enzyme detergent is meant to clean the denim without causing indigo loss or a change in indigo colour tone.

The Premium Care conditioner is meant to reduce foul odor and bacteria activity which may weaken the denim.

I first add the detergent into 30 litres of luke-warm water – a large bucket or a bathtub would suffice as a vessel.

Mix it up a bit, then submerge the jeans and proceed with some hand-washing.

By the way, my mini denim-wash guide is now permanently available via this blog’s menu.

After a while the water turns murky.

The next step is to rinse off the detergent – this has to be done thoroughly.


To finish, mix the conditioner into ~5 litres of water at 40 degrees Celsius.

Soak the jeans in this solution for 20 minutes, but do not further rinse the denim!

Take out and air dry.

It is a little time consuming, but my pants do smell nice and feel very clean afterwards!

I have found over the years that denim treated with Sugar Cane’s combo pack tend to stay fresh longer too.

The Godzilla denim is fading quickly too – a very cool fabric that continues to age well.

Next up, to try some Momotaro detergent and Samurai soap!


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