Oni x Tanuki ‘OTT’ collaboration jeans

Here’re some photos of the new Oni x Tanuki ‘OTT’ collaboration jeans.

I popped by Godspeed just before the official launch to have a look in person. The level of collaboration here is fairly significant…this is not just your average collaboration where a few details or perhaps the fit are tweaked. Rather, the exchange of brand identity goes right down to the fabric itself. The yarns & weave of the denim come from Oni’s 20 oz ‘secret’ denim, whereas the dye utilized is Tanuki’s  exclusive natural indigo rope-dye formulation.

What you get here is a heavy, low tension, natural indigo denim with lots of loom chatter and great hand feel. Slightly rough to the touch, with plenty of irregularities and micro-details to appreciate. The indigo is darker, more intense and brilliant compared with that on Oni’s secret denim. This collaboration denim should produce some unique fading results – the combination of the slimmer fits, rough fabric and natural rope-dye should produce fairly sharp fades with lots of vertical changes& interesting hues.

Some details have been changed in comparison to Tanuki’s usual jeans.

Obviously, the patch is different – spelling out “O – Ni”. Additionally, there is an Oni tag sewn inside the waist band. The top button has been replace with the laurel wreath donut button seen on many Oni jeans. Finally, the thread colour scheme has changed somewhat also.

Less than a dozen pair left with a few sizes sold out…check them out at Godspeed.


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