Anthill Workshop – official launch!

I recently caught up with Anthony of Anthill Workshop to check out the official launch of his new workspace, co-located at Pickings & Parry in Fitzroy.

Anthony is noted to have been the man behind much of the custom work through Levi’s Tailor Shop events.  He can do almost anything with denim pants and jackets, and has lots of experience working on them. Chain-stitch embroidery, chain-stitch hemming, full inseam tapering, darning, sashiko hand-stitch, custom patches, etc…you name it, Anthony can probably do it.

I had brought in some denim garments for Anthony to alter and customise, and he was very thorough in measuring and pinning the garments.

Anthony showed me some of the vintage machinery at his disposal, and his wide assortment of specialist threads. The painted Union Special 43200 for chain-stitch hem, the Singer 47W70 for darning and the Singer 112W140 twin-needle are all highlights here. Anthony has other Union Special & Singer models for other parts of garment construction, but they are off-site.

This Singer 47W70 that Antony is demonstrating on in the photos above, in particular, will be an important resource for local denim heads.

Anthony will also be offering Japanese style hand-stitch repairs with sashiko fabrics and indigo-dyed threads from Japan.

It doesn’t stop at just hemming & repairs though. Custom embroidery and patching can be done too. See Anthony doing some free-hand work at the launch party:

Hopefully I’ll be able to show you some of Anthony’s work on my denims in a couple of weeks’ time.


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