Corlection Melbourne

Visited Corlection in Melbourne a couple of time recently, snapped some photos.

Corlection is the largest denim shop in Australia, with the flagship store in Sydney and a smaller branch in Melbourne.

Thanks to Charlie for the hospitality!

Pretty much everything is here apart from Oni & Samurai.

Brands include: Pure Blue Japan, Freewheelers, Full Count, Momotaro, Japan Blue, Iron Heart, Jelado, Orgueil, Studio D’Artisan, Skull Jeans, The Flat Head, Real Japan Blues, The Strike Gold, Warehouse & Co., Stevenson’s Overall, Kawatako, First Arrow, S.F.K., etc.

Heaps of leathers and hardware too.

One of the few places in the world with so many nice wallets on one-shelf.

Good selection of belts from different brands like Kawatako and S.F.K.

Also, T-shirts. It’s insane how many T-shirts they have from brands like The Flat Head & Iron Heart. What you see in the photo below is just display stock – plenty more at the back, including some Freewheeler Ts from next season they haven’t released yet!

Definitely a must visit for local denim-heads.

Some cool pieces to show you in the next post later this week 🙂


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