Tochigi “waxed flesh” belt

A few years ago when Japanese steerhide was being hyped I purchased a simple, but well made belt from Free-Mart, made from Tochigi’s natural vegetable tanned leather (saddle-type).

A couple of months in, I was disappointed by how the leather had aged…it went dark brown real quick, with a fairly mottled & uneven surface. Thinking about it now, many saddle leathers from the Americas and Europe, in my opinion, are of a higher quality than Tochigi’s basic veg tanned leather.

Anyway, I’ve recently rediscovered this belt in a storage box in my garage, so I thought I might experiment with it. I tried my hand at making “waxed flesh“:

I progressively sanded the the leather grain, starting from P50 to P3000.

Yes, it took a lot of time…I was having some trouble sleeping, you see.

Applied two coats of oil dye. Then wiped down and sun-dried.

Also polished up a buckle for this project – an old, somewhat crusty, but immensely solid Dolce Vita buckle polished with P6000…took a while, but looks like new 🙂

Finally, the strap was finished with wax.

I suppose the idea is that both the wax finish and the dye will wear & fade over time…will be interesting to see how this turns out.


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