Corlection – select pieces

Second part to my recent visits to Corlection in Melbourne’s central business district – here are a few choice pieces of leathercraft that caught my eye!

First up are a couple of Kawatako higher-end middle wallets, specifically the ones made of waxy Japanese bridle. The ‘Feather of Crow’ is my favourite, and has a fantastically deep blue colour, contrasted below with the ‘Ink’ version:

I have to say though, that The Flat Head’s (TFH) offerings have better craftsmanship compared with Kawatako’s goods. TFH’s pieces are more expensive, of course.

First up from TFH is a Japanese bridle long wallet, featuring silver hardware and sinew hand-stitch:

You can see that both the stitch-work and the actual thread are of higher caliber compared with the Kawatako.

The hardware used is also incredibly nice!

The inner is no joke either:

The past couple of years The Flat Head has been creating quite a few pieces out of a custom Shinki shell cordovan – this stuff has a nicer colour and hand compared with other Shinki shells I’ve handled:

Finally, it’s nice to see some of Kurt’s pieces in Australia – here is a S.F.K. wallet with a interesting design:

Pretty cool to see all these leather brands in one place. Especially the higher end pieces by The Flat Head are fairly rare to find outside of Japan, and overall I would say TFH are making the best leathercrafts out of the brands carried at Corlection.

Check them out at Corlection.


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