Don’t Mourn, Organize – Horsehide wallet, 6 years.

This wallet is almost 6 years old.

Made by Scott at Don’t Mourn, Organize out of Horween’s natural vegetable tanned horsehide and handmade sinew thread.

It was more of an experimental piece, to test the ruggedness and neatness of a sinew thread.

My brother has used this wallet as his back-pocket billfold on a daily basis, with no maintenance or cleaning at all. The only feeding was done by me after 12 months.

It’s had some pretty hard wear, with parts of the grain worn off. This is not necessarily how I would treat my own leather goods, but it is authentic as far as my brother’s personality and views regarding his dry goods go.

Got some cool patina or wear on your leathers? E-mail them to me, and I’ll put it up on this blog!


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