Hepville newsboy cap – 4 year update

Over the past few years I’ve had a few items of clothing made to measure for me by Bela at Hepville, with a few pieces that haven’t made it to this blog due to my hiatus from writing.

It’s recently become hat weather again in Australia by virtue of the increasing UV rays, so I dusted this little beauty off and slapped it back on my head. It’s been with me as my Spring cap since 2012:

This 8 paneled newsboy cap was made by Bela out of a fantastic linen/cotton blend herringbone which breathes easy and drapes well.

The inside is lined with fine linen, with the addition of a hand-sewn leather sweatband.

The soft brim is horsehair.

Hepville hats & caps are one of the nicest around. Given the made-to-measure, customisable nature of Bela’s headwear and the more than reasonable price considering the attention to detail and handmade nature of the piece, I really recommend that you run your hat ideas past Bela before you purchase reproduction or vintage-style hats from any of the big brands.

His newer newsboy caps are patterned a little differently, but the same artisanal approach to constructing the caps remains.

Hepville is one of the few bespoke ‘workwear’ tailors around, and over the next couple of months I hope to show you some more of his work, both old and new, that haven’t yet featured on this blog.

In the mean time, head over to his Etsy store and take a look!

(The man also makes very nice vests.)


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