Edwin Vintage Collection VC506 – 4 year update

A quick update of my Edwin Japan Vintage Collection VC506.

I wear this pair mostly during the warmer months for the past 4 years, as the 13.5 oz denim is the lightest in my collection.

The VC506 is a straight fit for me, and as I wash it pretty frequently, the fading isn’t very high contrast at all.

In fact, I’m not getting much honey-combing.

Nicely cut and very comfortable.

It’s a shame that neither the Vintage Collection or the Overworks label gained much traction for Edwin. This pair, and the Lee/Wrangler reproductions also made by Edwin Japan, showed that they could make some serious jeans.

I quite like how the hems turned out too, with the strong rippling fades.

This particular detail is usually emphasised if the jeans are washed at least semi-frequently.

The denim on this one is very nice. Woven reproduction style, nothing exaggerated, doesn’t crock dramatically, with a good deal of true loom-chatter and verticality.

Most of all it feels very natural and comfortable to wear. At times almost disappearing from conscious attention. Not like wearing an 18 oz denim, which has a different kind of charm.

I think I need more lighter weight denim in my line-up!

Finally, the patch is holding up relatively well.

Not the best leather in the world, but it washes well.

Well, that’s it for now.

Not too long before I can start wearing these again – summer is soon to arrive here in Australia!


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