Truman Boot Co. – 1 month update

Here’s the one month update for the Truman Boot Co. waxy stone Mohawk suede boots.

Original review posted here.

Worn for ~2 weeks out of the month.

A few observations so far. The first is that the powdery wax on the suede that gives the leather it’s unique look is not permanent. The waxy rubs off, but also rubs into the leather. The result is that in high friction areas, not only does the ‘stone’ colour come through but there is also a dubbing effect, as the wax is coated and polished onto the suede.

Even though some stretching has occured, the boots remain tight around the instep of my feet, enough to cause discomfort after a few hours wear.

The is frustrating because the toe box volume and the boot length are both very nicely fitted to my feet.

So, unless you size Truman’s boots loosely, you may encounter similar problems. If my experience of this pair could be generalised, I would say that people with fuller feet or high arches should not purchase Truman’s boots without trying them on.

The tight instep and the one-piece tongue make the boots difficult to put on. You should definitely have pull-tabs on these boots when you customize yours.

I do hope these boots stretch out even more.

The CXL horsehide tongue is wearing very well.

The insole, whilst minimal, is not uncomfortable.

Truman’s boots lack the arch support of the more established North Western bootmakers like White’s or Nick’s, and as a result is a bit more fatiguing after a long day.

I do hope their new high-boots are less flat.

So, impressions so far?

Aesthetically very pleasing, despite small cosmetic flaws.

I don’t find myself reaching out for them much, despite their good looks, because of the unusual tightness around the instep and the lack of arch support.

Very handsome boots, but a few issues to sort out before they are at the level of White’s or Nick’s.


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