Hawkmoth Leather Co. Natural belt – feeding

After the first couple of days wear, I gave my Hawkmoth Leather Co. Natural belt a feed.

Original review here.

Although not absolutely necessary, I thought the oak bark leather could do with a bit more juice for oxidization (which causes patination), given its unfinished nature.

I chose to use Sedgwick’s leather conditioner – it’s one of the few commercially prepared leather feeds that I would use for my own leathers, outside of basic animal oil.

If you look back to most of the photos from the initial review (linked above), you will find that the leather has darkened ever so slightly after feeding.

The “mellow yellow” that is characteristic of oak bark leather is beginning to appear.

Even though each hide of oak bark leather differs slightly in grain and temper, as I can tell by comparing my various oak bark belts – it is a natural and hand-processed product after all – that yellow tone to the patination is consistent, an effect of the unique tannage.

You can also see in the photo below how the belt has already moulded to my waist. The curvature was not there to begin with – I only know a couple of makers who cut curved straps – and had developed only in two days.

Very exciting to see how this will turn out in the Australian climate, especially with summer approaching!


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