Don’t Mourn, Organize – bridle horsehide coin pouch retirement

It’s time to say goodbye to an old friend!

This little guy is going to be put on display along with a couple of other retired leather goods.

Back in 2012, Scott at Don’t Mourn, Organize was kind enough to share with me this experimental bridle horsehide from Clayton tannery. It was vegetable tanned, coloured, curried and then set – a very cool way to do horsehide!

This pouch was designed by me to be a stitch-less construct. To be honest, the rivets and buttons have held up better than I imagined, given this is a back-pocket coin wallet.

The leather has held up incredibly well, having held coins and being sat on daily for 4 years. The grain patina is really unique, achieving a rare kind of shine that you sometimes might see on nicely curried vegetable tanned leathers after some wears.

This interesting shine and grain variegation can be seen discerned under different angles and lighting.

I think Clayton has since made a chrome-tanned version of this horsehide that a couple of jacket makers are using at the moment.

The NOS mil spec. Dot snaps have faded from black to brass, smooth and very shiny.

The copper rivets have oxidised quite a bit, but I’ve cleaned them up.

Who knows, might put it back into rotation in another few years?


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