Pailot River (Red Moon) – short rider wallet 1 week update

Normally I would wait a bit longer before updating a particular leather craft on this blog, but Pailot River’s vegetable tanned saddle leather is evolving so fast, my documentation really has to be more frequent.

To see what it looked like on Day 1, see the original review here.

Check this out, only after 1 full week of wear:

Day 7

The patina has developed rather quickly in two main ways – the colour and depth of shine.

No feeding or conditioning, only a quick sun-tan after day 2, and lots of honest wear.

Day 3

Let’s take a closer look at the incredible patination:

Day 7 – warm light
Day 7 – cold light
Day 7 – cold light
Day 7 – warm light

I haven’t encountered many leathers that age as nicely, tending towards a warm, red tone. The deep shine, though, is very unique!

You’ll probably notice there is a bit of staining near the bottom of the PR logo – I’ll be cleaning that off, and hope to show you the cleaning result next week.


2 thoughts on “Pailot River (Red Moon) – short rider wallet 1 week update

  1. Nice! I bought this wallet after reading your review. This is my first time owning a high end leathercraft. What treatment and products do you recommend? and how did you clean your wallet? Thanks, I enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Hey mate, thanks for reading!

      I will be putting the article about that the weekend. In general I recommend using products that are animal oil based for feeding. Never buy products if they don’t disclose the ingredients 🙂

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