Godspeed Store x Tailfeather leathers

Popped by Godspeed a few days ago to have a look at some new leather goods that Marty’s just got in – the store is collaborating with local leather workshop Tailfeather to produce a limited release of belts and wallets.

This is exciting for me as we don’t usually have this calibre of hand-made collaboration leathercrafts produced locally here in Australia.

First up is special wallet designed for Godspeed, handsewn with poly threading and made of Horween’s latigo leather:

It features flat brass snaps and a fairly minimalist design. Godspeed’s hayabusa logo is lasered at the back.

The belt was even more interesting to me, as the aesthetics and leather utilised is quite a departure from Tailfeather’s house-style, and perhaps closer to the type of leathercrafts that you’ll usually see on this blog.

This belt is made with Sedgwick’s English bridle leather, in Light Havana / Hazel. At 42 mm wide it is definitely a work belt at heart!

The black oxidised buckle is hefty and solid, made locally in Melbourne.

Buckle fold is hand-stitched with thick poly thread.

Godspeed’s hayabusa logo again makes an appearance – rather pretty looking!

The edges are burnished with beeswax, but also additionally stained, it seems – very smooth:

Rounding off the details are tear-drop holes and a tapered tip finish.

And Marty wearing the belt with Tanuki’s NR1 jeans:

If you’re familiar with Tailfeather’s work, then you’ll see that this belt is much more rugged and, well, large compared with their regular belts.

These collaboration pieces made me curious regarding Tailfeather’s work, so I popped over to their concept store – not 5 minutes from Godspeed – to have a look at the regular versions of the wallet and belt.

Tailfeather’s usual wallet offerings are either Australia kangaroo skin or Horween’s latigo, and the layout doesn’t feature the hardware on the Godspeed collaboration wallet.

Dani the manager told me that Tailfeather was actually in the process of switching their belting leather to Sedwick’s bridle! A prototype can be seen above.

There were a few other pieces that were interesting, especially some of the bags and larger carries that Tailfeather is known for, but perhaps we’ll take a look another day.

I hope they do a few pieces in the next few months with Sedgwick’s natural/russet bridle too.

Very happy to see local brands working with nicer leathers. Pop into Godspeed and have a look for yourself!



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