Pailot River (Red Moon) – short rider wallet 1 month update

It is amazing how much patina and colour this Pailot River wallet has achieved in just one month of daily wear.

Village Work’s natural saddle leather is probably the most responsive natural vegetable tanned leather I’ve come across!

The degree and depth of shine is worth noting too, becoming more pronounced with wear.

The colour can now be considered a darker shade of tan, with a tinge of red.

The quality of construct continues to impress – the wallet has molded with wear, yet the individual pieces remain fairly well aligned. No particular part of this wallet has been unduly stressed, a testament to its clever design.

After consistent use, however, I reckon some aspects of this wallet may benefit from some modification, and I speak mainly of the functionality of the lay-out.

In Australia, more and more payments rely on cards, and more and more cards are being completely digitized, living in your phone instead – I assume the same is true in most first world countries. The HR-01 version 2 layout of this wallet holds the cards securely and out of sight, making frequent use of cards somewhat inconvenient.


As such, Village Works could perhaps cater to their Western audience by introducing HR-01 version 3, which should probably feature more ‘quick access’ card slots.

All in all, I have been impressed with the quality of craftsmanship and the properties of the leather on this Pailot River rider’s wallet. A great companion with indigo workwear, and also a fantastic primer on leather patination  🙂


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