Tanuki Inc. Japan – RR1 two month update

About time for a quick update on the Tanuki Inc. RR1 jeans. I’ve worn this pair faithfully for the past 3.5 months, apart from the month or so when they were with Anthony at Anthill Workshop for some alterations and the occasional Saturday when I swap my Oni 1001HM in for the day.

These photos are from just before Xmas 2016, so about 1.5 months of effective wear at the time of taking these photos:

A few thoughts so far:

  • These jeans are well made – everything remains intact and aligned.
  • The denim is rather responsive, with the colour lightening quite significantly in high-stress areas. The Retro fabric begins inky dark with indigo, then shows a grey cast after shrink-to-fit, which quickly transitions into shades of electric blue as the indigo crocks. The initial impression of a green cast passed pretty quickly…maybe it will come back at some point?
  • The weave of this Retro fabric is much denser than other low tension fabrics. The Retro fabric is tougher and more durable compared with every other low tension fabric I’ve come across.
  • Creasing sets in rather easily, and crocking of the indigo around the whiskers are already apparent at this early stage.
Retro fabric. New vs. one month.

So far so good; I’d say there is much to like from this new Japanese denim maker whose focus on fabrics rivals even that of Oni’s.

Apart from the Natural & IDxID fabrics, there are apparently a black denim and a red-cast denim in development too. Exciting times~


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