mill – #8 shell cordovan Elliot wallet at one month

This cordovan wallet by Rocky at mill has been sat on almost everyday since the day I received it, and is getting pretty rough wear due to it being utilised as a coin pouch.

These photos were taken just before Xmas 2016, so the wallet has had one month’s effective wear at that point.

As expected of Horween’s shell cordovan and Rocky’s linen hand-saddle-stitch, the wallet is holding up remarkably well despite being rubbed between metal coins and a 95 kg ape on a daily basis.

You can see too that the colour continues to vary with light and viewing angle, although overall the colouring has become a bit lighter – I spy shades of red every now and then.

The shine and smooth texture continue to be highlights. If you look closer, you’ll see that some of the linen threading are catching indigo!

As I like to say: So far so good!

You might like to catch up with mill again, as Rocky has launched his Minimalist Japanese wallet, a modernised version of Red Moon’s HR-01 rider’s wallet design. Check out the webstore!


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