Hawkmoth Leather Co. – Natural belt at 1.5 months

Time for an update on the Natural belt from Hawkmoth Leather Co.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, all the previous reviews from 2016 onward are now indexed, accessible via the menu. Have a look at the original Hawkmoth review there!

The photos here are from one month ago, around Xmas, showing effective wear of about 90 days.

The Baker’s oak bark leather has certainly been responsive!

Just compare how they look here with the photos I took when the belt first arrived from England.

The yellow tinge in the mellow brown gives this leather an unique appearance; the colour is quite pleasing.

The edges and the contact point of the buckle roller are showing further darkening, foretelling what the entire belt might look like in a year or so.

The grain really pops out too, the grain surface demonstrating plenty of interesting textures and pore formations.

The unfinished backside and water-burnished edges are picking up plenty of indigo from my jeans also.

This Natural belt is really shaping up in terms of patina development, adding further to Tom’s great handcrafting.

So far so good – a great example of hard-wearing goods that look better with use.

Check out Hawkmoth Leather Co. if you haven’t already seen Tom’s other crafts!


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