Faler Leathers – bifold wallet at 3 weeks

I’ve been wanting to show off how the Faler Leathers bifold is turning out. The Wickett & Craig natural vegetable tanned leathers is very beautiful at the moment – a brief few weeks where the leather is just the right shade of peach (or, ‘flesh’)……none of the pale awkwardness of new leather, yet more alive and enticing compared with something that is already cooked and brown.

Compare these photos to the initial ones featured in the review.

The development of the colour is fantastic at the moment, exceeding the patination of the grain structure. This is one of my favourite colour tones as far as natural leathers go.

I have to be careful from here on and avoid darkening the leather too quickly, otherwise the developments of the colour and grain will lose balance. That means no sun-tanning, and avoiding excessive feeding.

If you enlarge the photos, you might notice indigo straining has started to build. This is especially noticeable around the edges near the spine of the bifold.

You might also notice that the alignment of the wallet remains perfect, even with the wallet slowly molding to my back-pocket!

The stitching and burnishing all remain intact as well, with no particular parts showing signs of excessive wear.

John’s work on this bifold really is to be commended  🙂

I have also managed to keep the inside panels of the wallet relatively clean, doing so by taking out the cards and giving the inside a good brushing every couple of days (takes less than a minute!)

There’s a very nice shine building up too, and in the same photo above you can see how the shape and curvature of the wallet is changing with wear.

Definitely have a look at the Faler Leathers webpage. This wallet can be replicated through a custom order – simply send John an e-mail!


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