Weaving Shibusa – Melbourne Panel

Fantastic denim day out to go see Weaving Shibusa!

Big thanks to Charlie at Corlection for sending me there  🙂

We’re very lucky to have ACMI here in Melbourne, who provided a great cinema and tutorial room for the documentary screening and subsequent panel discussion.

Weaving Shibusa is a great documentary about Japanese denim, a fantastic primer for new denimheads! Even more advanced enthusiasts will find it interesting, as it features interviews with the founders of brands like Fullcount, Ironheart, Stevenson Overall, Japan Blue / Momotaro, etc.

My camera met one of its ancestors! A hand-cranked Parvo J-K from 1922.

The panel discussion after the documentary screening was hosted by James Nolen of ACMI. Featuring (left to right): James, Marty from Godspeed, Nick from Denham Jeansmaker, Chris from Pickings & Parry and Ant from Anthill Workshop.

Left to right: Marty, Nick, James, Ant and Chris.

Denim banners, Nick’s awesome collection of Buddy Lee dolls, Marty’s very nicely worn Japanese denim collection and some Denham jeans and items.

It was interesting to hear about how these guys got started on their denim journey, all of them coming from different backgrounds as far as denim and men’s clothing go.

Marty’s very nicely faded Iron Heart jeans from around 10 years ago.

Very happy to be able to attend such an event and see such a great gathering – this would have been impossible in Australia even just 5 years ago.

Ant’s fantastic work on a denim jacket!

Some of Ant’s vintage sewing machines – you’d have seen better photos of these babies elsewhere on this blog.

It’s really nice to see such growth in our local denim scene here in Australia, and I’m looking forward to more events like this in Melbourne!

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