Faler Leathers – bifold wallet 2 month update

It’s time for an update on my Faler Leathers custom bifold!

If you follow my IG account, you might have seen periodic updates of this wallet over the past couple of months, but here are some proper photos of this wallet at 2 full months of effective wear.

A few things to look out for here: molding, texture, colour, shine and staining. Also, notice how the construct and detailing still look immaculate – a testament to John’s careful work. The threads are yet to fray, the edges remain slippery smooth, and the outer panel shows no sagging.

Despite the heftiness of this bifold, the leather has curved and molded to, uh, basically the shape of my butt, given I wear my wallets in the back pocket of my jeans.

The texture is hard to appreciate without being able to touch this wallet, but you can see the grain is much more defined and there is a sense of slipperiness of the surface that wasn’t apparent in the beginning.

The depth of colour and the incredible shine sets this Wicket & Craig vegetable tanned leather apart from most of its American and European counterparts from other tanneries. The leather does not look tired at all, and I have to say it is, so far, ageing better than even very fine Italian naturals such as Buttero.

Of course, your results may vary – how leather ages depends very much on use and care, and as such the patina development will be entirely unique for each individual piece.

The tone and depth of this natural tan is perhaps best appreciated in the above two photos. This is a proper caramel tan, a fairly rare evo pathway as far as I’ve seen. The inner is surprisingly clean too – this W&C leather is functions better as an internal leather compared with many other vegetable tanned leathers.

I really like how this wallet has aged, and more & more John’s careful work is revealed in the ruggedness of this wallet in daily wear. Check out more of his work at Faler Leathers, and don’t forget to ask John about customisation options.


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