Niwa Leathers – bridle leather coaster

Rocky from mill handmade had recently visited Niwa Leathers in Japan – see his guest post from earlier this month on the blog – he brought me back a souvenir too!

A coaster, you say, but look closely and you’ll find many details that point to this coaster being the careful work of an expert craftsman.

This coaster is made of two pieces of leather, which have been stitched together with linen thread, rounded and then burnished.

By the bloom on the dark brown leather, you’ve probably guessed this is a bridle leather.

The brand is stamped on the upward face.

The edges are straight with a subtle, bevelled curvature and neat creasing. The corners have been carefully rounded.

The stitching is regular and very straight.

The downward face of the coaster is made of a vegetable tanned cattlehide, and received the exact same treatment as the upward face bar the stamping. No shortcuts have been taken.

A close up of the stitching and the bloom reveals very detailed and fine work near the edges of the coaster.

Finally, the superb edge finish that is Niwa’s signature. The beveling and burnishing has been done with remarkable precision… so smooth and slick, it’s hard to tell the coaster is made of two pieces of leather.

Niwa Leather is definitely worth checking out, especially if your taste in leather tends toward the bespoke or ‘white collar’ end of the spectrum.

Check out Niwa’s website here.


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