Supplied West – copper key hook 3-month update

It’s been 3 months already?

Well, my copper key hook made by Ryan at Supplied West has certainly aged gracefully with daily wear and use. Have a look at the initial condition documented in the review here, and compare it to the photos in this post (click to enlarge)!

You can see the copper has tarnished, the resulting patina being very interesting and much more striking compared with brass. The actual key hook itself, however, is as sturdy as ever – structurally, there are no changes to the hook or the binding.

Looking closely, you’ll see that areas of friction develop a pink/purple, almost fluorescent patina! Specifically, examine the inside of the top of the hook, the narrowing of the hook and where the hook is connected to the copper jump ring.

The other parts of the copper have dulled, darkened, and “filled in”, but the surface remains very smooth.

Some scratches are beginning to show, being lighter in colour and shinier than the other surface areas. Copper is a soft metal, and I do suspect more abrasions are in store for the future!

The brass key ring has also tarnished, but the effect here is not anywhere as variegated or dramatic compared with the copper hook.

This copper hook is the perfect companion for denim jeans, and, having used brass key hooks in the past, I must say I’m liking the copper version made by Ryan much better. Not only is the patina development more interesting on copper (vs. brass), but the colour, at any stage, is a better complement to indigo denim.

All in all, a solid and reliable key hook here from Supplied West. One of the sturdiest, most streamlined and well made key hooks I’ve seen, not to mention the ageing of the copper has been very cool so far. Can’t wait to see how it turns out in another few months.


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