Recent leather photos

More and more I’m using the camera on my new HTC U11 for snapping photos on the go. This being my 5th HTC phone in the past 8 years, I’m finding that with every iteration there is less and less difference in terms of photos quality between camera phones and the Micro Four Thirds camera/lenses I usually utilise for the blog.

Anyway, with the leather updates today, the photos have all been taken using the digital camera on my HTC phone!

First up, cleaning and conditioning some wallets. Various shades of brown…

Apart from two newer wallets which you’d have seen in the past few months, you might also recognise the mid-wallets from Angelos and Blackacre which were originally reviewed here in 2011. Don’t worry, there’ll be new Blackacre goodies on this blog soon!

Taking the Faler Leathers bifold out for a spin again after resting it for a couple of months. The Wickett & Craig natural vegetable tanned leather is at a shade of tan which I really like, though it will continue to darken with time and wear, of course. To see what it looked like brand new, see my review.

The Shonan natural vegetable tanned leather on my mill handmade  Japanese wallet hasn’t been in rotation for as long as the Faler Leathers bifold, but there’s a fair bit more staining, darkening and general wear on the leather. This leather from Shonan is a more reactive than its American counterparts.

Early morning light really shows off the indigo stain and the darker tone. To see what the wallet looked like originally, see my review!

My Natural belt from Hawkmoth Leather Co. is progressing well – the edges have darkened quite rapidly due to the water burnish treatment, and really frames the whole belt as the leather ages gradually.

The oak bark tanned leather from Baker’s tannery is quite reactive in terms of the grain popping, but the colour changes a little more slowly than Shonan’s version of natural veg tan. To see the original condition of the leather, see my review.

Last but not least is my Chahin IV belt from Voyej. The leather is starting to develop a nice red tone, which gives it a different shade from the Baker’s and Shonan leathers.

The red tone is the main reason for my liking of Chahin’s vegetable tanned leathers. The leather hasn’t aged as fast as my Chahin I belt did, but it is ageing in a gentle and even kind of way. To see what this belt looked like new, check out the previous review.



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