Wild Frontier Goods x Indigoshrimp collab: Australian Aomushi bracelet

Hey hey!

The Aomushi is back, bigger and harder.  XD

I present to you the Wild Frontier Goods x Indigoshrimp collaboration bracelet: the Australian Aomushi.

You might remember reading about the original Aomushi, which I posted up a couple of weeks back – read it here if you missed it.

Mike & I thought it could be very interesting if Mike used the same techniques to make an alternate version of the bracelet, featuring rugged and raw Australian materials which I’ve sourced.

To start, the original Japanese cedar beads have been replaced by larger Australian Beech beads. Australian Beech wood is about four times harder than East Asian cedars, and makes for a more rugged bead.

Further, the original sueded leather cord has been replaced with lacing made out of Black Wattle bark tanned kangaroo leather which is raw and not further finished after tanning. Kangaroo leather is many times stronger than cattlehide or even horsehide at 0.5 to 1.5 mm thicknesses – this lacing will not break or loosen in fibre structure.

The same Japanese stained glass bead features at the tail. Also notice that the larger bead on the Aussie version does not have a smiley face.

Compared with the original Aomushi, the special collaboration edition is larger in overall size, being more rugged and chunky.

The same fresh indigo leaf dyeing has been used, but the resulting colour on the beech wood tends more towards blue/aqua, and is more variegated compared with the appearance of the dye on the cedar wood.

Send Chie a message on Instagram at @wildfrontiergoodsbrand if you’re interested in getting your own.

Gotta hurry though, there will only be enough beech beads for 5 or 6 bracelets!

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