Studio d’Artisan D1755 ‘Suvin Gold’ review by beautiful_FrEaK

Indigoshrimp is excited to feature another review by reproduction enthusiast beautiful_FrEaK.

This time he examines the SdA D1755!

Words & photos by beautiful_FrEaK. Editing & formatting by indigoshrimp.



Studio d’Artisan D1755 ‘Suvin Gold’

Where do I start? Why did I buy another pair of jeans? What made me chose the SdA D1755? Not easy to answer.

If you ask around the denim community you will often hear that peak denim is over and the raw denim, selvedge, work wear trend is over. Yet the denim companies we all love push out new release after new release and Limited Editions and new models every other week. Some would argue that this is very well a sign for the decline in popularity but what do I know about economics?

The D1755 is one of Studio d’Artisan’s latest releases utilizing a luxury cotton variety in a modern cut. This alone grabbed my attention and after checking out the further details I was sold on them.


The Cut

SdA used their own 107 cut and modified it slightly. The rise on the D1755 is a little bit higher giving you more room in the crotch. But keep in mind, it’s still a medium rise at best. The thighs are roomy enough (for me) and they have a strong taper without giving you that carrot look. They come with a decent inseam length so you taller folks should also be able to enjoy them. Here is what my pair measured before I washed them. Size 34.

Waist: 35″
Front rise: 11″
Back rise: 15.5″
Thigh: 13.4″
Knee: 9.5″
Leg opening: 7.9″
Inseam: 37″

All in all, a perfect modern fit on my body.


The Denim

Now to the second important part of every pair of jeans, the denim itself! It is right hand twill denim with a red selvedge line and clocks in at 15oz. The highlight of this denim is the cotton SdA used. For the warp they used Supima cotton, a well-known and ELS cotton. But for the weft they used the luxury cotton named Suvin Gold. This cotton is grown in India and is an extreme long staple cotton with very fine fibers. This allows the cotton to be spun into very fine and strong threads. This should also result in a very soft denim.

The indigo shade is quite deep and as the weft doesn’t show much, the denim has a very dark color. Judging by the red cast of the denim I assume only 100% indigo was used without any fillers. The red cast gives the denim a purple hue.

The denim is really quite soft and very nice to the touch. It’s also very comfortable to wear. After washing the jeans got more rigid but as usual this feeling goes away after a day or two. The denim started pretty hairless as you would expect from fine and long cotton fibers but after washing and wearing a hairy surface is developing. While there are smaller irregularities, the denim also has a modern feel and look to it. Not as rough and vintage feeling like denim from Warehouse or Full Count and also no slub-fest as with Oni or PBJ.

After wearing them for 3 days I have the feeling the denim could fade fast as already lighter highlights are showing.


The Details

If you already use two of the most luxury cottons for the denim, you shouldn’t be stingy with nice details. Studio d’Artisan – being in the game since 1979 – definitely knows this.

We have half-lined back pockets with raised hems, selvedge at the coin pocket with peek-a-boo selvedge, selvedge details at the fly, a thick but smooth leather patch, branded hardware, black buttons, raised belt loops which are tucked into the waistband and herringbone pockets bags…well, that’s it but it’s all I would ask for!


The Construction

I often count SdA to the bigger Japanese brands with the best stitching quality. Except for one little deviation, these are also very neatly sewn. Only one excess thread was sewn into the chainstitch at the hem.

Besides the presumable durable denim, SdA wanted construct these jeans very tough. The stitching at the crotch and at side of the hips is doubled, similar to what The Flat Head is doing. The sewn in belt loops should be durable. And also the half-lined back pockets should save your pockets for wearing through.

A downside for the back pockets: they are tiny! They have really the smallest back pockets of all my jeans. They can just fit my OGL wallet but if you like bigger wallets you might have a problem. The front pockets however are very accessible and the pocket bag is deep enough to fit your EDC.



Studio d’Artisan really put out a great pair of jeans! The modern fit is very versatile and can be worn cuffed, stacked or hemmed to your desired length. The denim is really the eye catcher on this release. Of course it reads fabulous on paper but it also feels, looks and wears nicely. Now we only have to see if it fades as nicely as it feels on your skin.
I’m not yet decided if I will join the DWC this year but if I do, I will most likely join with this pair of D1755.

2 thoughts on “Studio d’Artisan D1755 ‘Suvin Gold’ review by beautiful_FrEaK

  1. Great review. Quick question. I wear size 34 Iron Heart which are sanforized. I noticed that the actual waist of the size 34 SDA D1755 is 0.8 of an inch bigger than Iron Heart but are unsanforized. I’m hoping when I stretch them out over a few months and then wash in a cool gentle cycle they should be just right. Also, did they shrink much in length? Was thinking of hemming but not sure! Thanks for any advice

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