Patina Party 2019

Welcome to the official Patina Party 2019 page!

This is a wallet wearing contest for enthusiasts and craftspeople spanning May to November 2019. Judging will occur in December, and the results will be published as the Xmas special article on this blog.

So, what’s a wallet wearing contest, you ask?

The basic idea is to carry a wallet, as often as you like, during the six month contest period.

The judging will be done based on the patina that is achieved on your leather wallet.

There will be prizes at the end!




Regarding the entry criteria:

  1. Participants must have a social media presence & join the contest’s Instagram messaging group.
  2. No conflict of interest: Makers cannot be judges. Participants may not be sponsors.
  3. Participants may craft their own wallet.
  4. The wallet needs to be between a card wallet and a mid-wallet in size, inclusive. This means no coin pouches or long wallets.
  5. The outshell & inner panels must be made from natural, vegetable tanned leather. Lining does not matter.
  6. The wallet needs to be brand new at the time of commencing this contest in May.

Regarding the running of the contest:

  1. Entry submission of photos must be provided by 15th May 2019.
  2. Results submission of photos must be provided by 30th November 2019.
  3. Judging will occur in December, with results announced by Xmas.
  4. Photo updates of the outshell & inner must be provided monthly in natural light on the contest’s Instagram group.

Regarding the carrying of the contest wallet:

  1. Wallet must be brand new as of 1st May 2019.
  2. Deliberate sun-tanning is not allowed.
  3. Deliberate burnishing with oils & waxes is not allowed.
  4. Deliberate darkening with dyes is not allowed.
  5. Deliberate soaking in water is not allowed.
  6. Leather conditioner or feed is not to be used.



Sponsor List


Oliver of First Settlement Goods.

Oliver will offer a pocket wallet or card case to the winner of his choice.


Bryan of The Rite Stuff.

Bryan will offer a hickory scarf to the winner of his choice.


Jiten of Waxwing Leather.

Jiten will offer a customised wallet or craft tool to the winner of his choice. Photo for reference only.


Bill of District Leather Supply.

Bill will offer a $250 store credit to District Leather Supply shop or District Leather shop to the winner of his choice.


Amilcar of Quixote Leatherworks.

Amilcar will offer a wallet to the winner of his choice.


Smith’s Leather Balm.

Smith’s will offer three prize packs, which will include two tins of conditioner, a horsehair brush and a hoodie in each pack.


Rocky Mountain Leather Supply

Rocky Mountain will offer a $200 store credit to his leather supply shop to the winner of their choice.


Matsumura of Vanitas Japan.

Matsumura will offer a wallet to the winner of his choice. Details of wallet TBA.


Laura of Hide & Heart.

Laura will offer a handmade, hardwood knuckle duster to the winner of her choice.




Contestant List

Tim  (@titletowngoods)


Cody  (@cody.the.collector)


Justin  (@high.grain.designs)


Mike  (@indigoshrimp)

I’m the owner of this blog – thanks for reading!

Looking through the writings here will tell you more about me than I can describe myself in words.  A big thanks to the sponsors & participants of Patina Party 2019 – here’s hoping we make it a good one!


Benjamin  (@benjaminbott)


Bill  (@clintonvilleleather)


Paul  (@206edc)


Dan  (@hides_and_stitches)

Hi all, I’m Dan. I’m 37 (does that make me the elder here?), and I own and operate Hides and Stitches with my wife Tiffany. We have been married for 11 years and we have two beautiful children – a boy, Max, and a girl, Natalie. I am a math geek (and teacher) by day and a maker and business owner by night/weekend/summer/all major holidays. I started crafting in 2012ish as a way to keep myself busy and explore a hobby working with my hands. Hides and Stitches kind of took off and now we have a pretty sizable shop that has taken up much of our home. I am stoked to party with all the awesome people and crafters in the 2019 Patina Party. Cheers!


Meryl  (@merylfernandez)


Ryan  (@suppliedwest)


Mike  (@wildfrontiergoodsbrand)


Stephanie  (@lesbianedc)

Stephanie is a 27 year old Mexicana, born and raised in California. A collector of fine leather goods, she began her exploration into leatherwork four years ago. Since then, she has acquired a collection of leather goods spanning dozens of makers and sampling a myriad of leathers. In the coming years she seeks to expand her leather knowledge— not only as a collector but as a leather crafter herself.


Blair  (@blairsensei)


Tucker  (@khleather)


Anna  (@justakbeachbum)


Rob  (@edc_anonymous)


Ryan  (@awlandleaf)


Alec  (@winterwolfheritage)


Hannah  (@hann._.s)


Rocky  (@millnrocky)


Fry  (@lotuscowboy)

Hi I am FRY and live in the UK.  I am very excited to be part of the Patina Party 2019.  The longest I have ever carried a wallet for was 100 days and only once, normally a couple of weeks is a long time, so this is a real departure for me.  However I am looking forward to seeing how this wallet and all the others in the party Patina over the coming months.

Good luck everyone 👊🏻🍺


Sinan  (@heritage.du.travail)

My name is Sinan, I’m a 22 years old french environmental student, engineer, and also a swimmer. I started leather crafting less than one year after watching a YouTube video.
What I like in this work is to be able to design and create something that didn’t exist before and to be in charge of all the aspects of the process. My style is still uncertain but I would say that I like to create goods that’s seems minimalists even if I thought about every single aspect of them.

Thanks again Mike for creating this contest !


Chad  (@craftnlore)

Chad Von Lind started at leather in 2012, and eventually opened Craft and Lore in 2014. Simple and durable wallets have been his main stay, but he continues to expand in new directions as the brand grows.


Nick  (@heightslesthercompany)


Mike (@the_quiet_place)


Brandon (@bweissleather)