Here you’ll find the links to reviews from 2016 onward   (~˘▾˘)~

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Imperial Shearers’ jeans (2016)

Boncoura 66 jean (2016)

Japan Blue JB0626 ‘Godzilla’ jeans (2016)

Pure Blue Japan XX-014 jeans (2016)

Connors Sewing Factory S490XXX M-47 jeans (2016, by beutiful_FrEaK)

Sauce Zhan 726XX-HQ jeans (2016)

Real Japan Blues x The Flat Head x Corlection Lot. 2109 collaboration jeans (2016)

Red Cloud and Co. Daaifau DF105 jeans (2016)

The Strike Gold x Self Edge ‘Wavy Standard’ sexsg24 jeans (2016)

Faith Co. horsehide belt (2016)

Troy O’Shea Handmade wabash work cap (2016)

Kawatako ‘Blade’ belt (2016)

Warehouse 800 jeans (2016; by beautiful_FrEaK)

Voyej ‘Chahin I’ belt (2011)

The Flat Head 3009 jeans (2016; by beautiful_FrEaK)

Tim Leather’s natural English bridle belt (2016)

Don’t Mourn, Organize! English bridle mid-wallet (2016)

Troy O’Shea Handmade HBT engineer’s cap (2016)

Tanuki Inc. Japan ‘RR1’ jeans (2016)

Truman Boot Co. custom boots (2016)

Rolling Dub Trio x Mushman’s ‘Coupen’ boots (2016)

Okayama Denim x Japan Blue ODJB001 ‘Sapphire Slub’ jeans (2016)

Hawkmoth Leather Co. ‘Natural’ belt (2016)

Resolute 710 jeans (2016; by beautiful_FrEaK)

Pailot River (Red Moon) rider wallet PR-SR01B (2016)

mill handmade #8 shell cordovan ‘Elliot’ wallet (2016)

Alfred Sargent ‘Hannover’ boots (2016)

Angelos Leather medium wallet no. 2 (2011)

Faler Leathers natural bifold wallet (2016)

mill handmade custom watchstrap (2017)

R atelier & Co. natural leather sandals (2017)

Tricker’s monkey boots (2017)

Gran Manitou ‘Sacrebleu’ shirt (2017)

Hepville bespoke duck canvas vest (2017)

Voyej Chahin IV belt (2017)

Momotaro Jeans GL007-MZ jeans (2017; by blaewen)

Full Count 1108 jeans (2017; by beautiful_FrEaK)

Left Field NYC ‘Charles Atlas’ jeans (2017)

White’s Boots Classic Dress boots (2017)

mill handmade Japanese Wallet part 1 (2017)

Stevenson Overall Bronco vest (2017)

Big John RARE R009 jeans (2017)

Nick’s Boots ‘Manito oxford’ shoes (2017)

Tanuki Inc. Japan RCT1 jeans (2017)

Clintonville Leather harness belt (2017)