Here you’ll find the links to reviews from 2016 onward   (~˘▾˘)~

To find updates on the items, please use the search bar – update posts are not indexed. The majority of reviews from 2009 to 2012 are also not indexed, and many have dead photo links – over the next period of time I will look to re-visit some of the most popular pieces from those early years, and the posts will be indexed on this page.



Imperial ‘Shearers’ jeans

Boncoura 66 jean

Japan Blue JB0626 ‘Godzilla’ jeans

Pure Blue Japan XX-014 jeans

Connors Sewing Factory S490XXX M-47 jeans (by beutiful_FrEaK)

Sauce Zhan 726XX-HQ jeans

Real Japan Blues x The Flat Head x Corlection Lot. 2109 collaboration jeans

Red Cloud and Co. ‘Daaifau’ DF105 jeans

The Strike Gold x Self Edge ‘Wavy Standard’ sexsg24 jeans

Faith Co. horsehide belt

Troy O’Shea Handmade wabash work cap

Kawatako ‘Blade’ belt

Warehouse 800 jeans (by beautiful_FrEaK)

Voyej ‘Chahin I’ belt

The Flat Head 3009 jeans (by beautiful_FrEaK)

Tim Leathers natural English bridle belt

Don’t Mourn, Organize! English bridle mid-wallet

Troy O’Shea Handmade HBT engineer’s cap

Tanuki Inc. Japan RR1 jeans

Truman Boot Co. custom boots

Rolling Dub Trio x Mushman’s ‘Coupen’ boots

Okayama Denim x Japan Blue ODJB001 ‘Sapphire Slub’ jeans

Hawkmoth Leather Co. ‘Natural’ belt

Resolute 710 jeans (by beautiful_FrEaK)

Pailot River (Red Moon) rider wallet PR-SR01B

mill handmade #8 shell cordovan ‘Elliot’ wallet

Alfred Sargent ‘Hannover’ boots

Angelos Leather medium wallet no. 2

Faler Leathers natural bifold wallet




mill handmade custom watchstrap

R atelier & Co. natural leather sandals

Tricker’s monkey boots

Gran Manitou ‘Sacrebleu’ shirt

Hepville bespoke duck canvas vest

Voyej ‘Chahin IV’ belt

Momotaro Jeans GL007-MZ jeans (by blaewen)

Full Count 1108 jeans (by beautiful_FrEaK)

Left Field NYC ‘Charles Atlas’ jeans

White’s Boots ‘Classic Dress’ boots

mill handmade ‘Japanese’ wallet

Stevenson Overall ‘Bronco’ vest

Big John RARE R009 jeans

Nick’s Boots ‘Manito oxford’ shoes

Tanuki Inc. Japan RCT1 jeans

Clintonville Leather harness belt

The Rite Stuff ‘Heracles’ shirt

mill handmade ‘Elliot’ wallet, scaled edition

The Real McCoy’s ’10 Mile’ monkey boots

Samurai Jeans SJ42CP Heavy Chino Pants

Wild Frontier Goods ‘Aomushi’ bracelet

mill handmade ‘Frankie’ wallet, custom edition

Ragnar Goods  ‘Thor’ belt

Wild Frontier Goods ‘Hannoki’ pouch

Voyej ‘Misaka’ wallet

Hubb Leather ‘Partner’ belt

Studio d’Artisan D1755 ‘Suvin Gold’ jeans (by beautiful_FrEaK)

Rushton Leather ‘Russian kip’ wallet

The Rite Stuff ‘Harvester’ henley prototype

m^2 Slim Wallet

The W & Anchor Bros. ‘Type 2’ work shoes

Vanitas Japan ‘Ego’ wallet

Monad x Momotaro Jeans button boots

Studio d’Artisan OKI515 ‘Champloo’ jeans

Waxwing Leather ‘Classic’ bifold



Oni Denim ‘Shin Secret Denim’ jeans

Full Grain Creation ‘The Lexington’ wallet

Dr. Sole rebuilds Tricker’s & Barker

The Rite Stuff ‘Harvester’ henley

Heyou Handmade ‘Sailor’ belt

mill handmade ‘Everett’ wallets

WarpWeft Company EX-101 jeans

UES 400ST jeans (by beautiful_FrEaK)

mill handmade Japanese Wallet ver. 2

Oni Denim ‘Aizumi’ jeans

Wild Frontier Goods indigo bifold wallet

The Rite Stuff pocket T-shirt

Oni Denim ‘Spiral Denim’ jeans (in retrspect)

Ragnar Goods ‘Torstein’ wallet

mill handmade ‘Hans’ wallet

Clintonville Leather skull belt #3