The Real McCoy’s – product night Australia

After many months of work, Marty at Godspeed Store has launched The Real McCoy’s in Australia!

Have at some photos from product night, 7/7/17.

Besides checking out some RMC products in the flesh, I met a few hobbyists from Instagram and Superfuture too!

The leather jackets and sweatshirts were lighter than I had expected, and can certainly be worn for many months out of the year here in the south of Australia.

Judging by how most of the guests were dressed, I didn’t think there were all that many hardcore denim or work-wear hobbyists in the crowd – there’re not that many of us around anyway, and it’s good to see Japanese reproduction brands attracting a diverse crowd.

I bumped into Jordan, who also owns a Japanese wallet made by Rocky of mill handmade. His has a Horween shell outer, Buttero inner; see our wallets side-by-side below.

Other themes of the night were knitted caps (every second person is wearing one???) and dogs!

Marty and Nick of Denham Australia with their puppers below.

Congratulations to Godspeed and Marty for this The Real McCoy’s launch!

You’ll see some RMC pieces here and on my Instagram feed as I start to get a sense of McCoy’s sizing.




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