Clintonville Leather – Skull Belt #3 review

Readers of this blog might remember that a year ago I reviewed a very hefty and rugged harness work belt made by Bill of Clintonville Leather, Ohio, USA. That particular harness belt took Americana and work-wear styling for leathers to another level, with a rugged flavor that is truly American - wild and beefy in a … Continue reading Clintonville Leather – Skull Belt #3 review


The Flat Head event at Corlection

Earlier this month was The Flat Head's first visit to Melbourne, hosted by Corlection (their Australian stockist). To my knowledge this is the first time that a significant Japanese denim/workwear maker has toured Melbourne, so this was a rather exciting development to our local denim and workwear scene. Whilst attendance wasn't as high as the … Continue reading The Flat Head event at Corlection

Work Wear?

This blog was recently tagged in one of PutThisOn's articles, one which explored some of the fundamental styles of menswear for building a casual wardrobe. My blog was slotted under the workwear section, and that got me thinking... how do we define the various different aesthetics, heritages and stylings within the multiple hobbies covered on … Continue reading Work Wear?

Ragnar Goods – Torstein bifold wallet review

The bifold design is my favourite type of wallet by far, and in my experience of collecting wallets, work-style bifolds worthy of collection are few and far in between. There's a little less room for deviations from the standard, and creativity may very well jeopardize user friendliness or carrying capacity. This might explain why most … Continue reading Ragnar Goods – Torstein bifold wallet review