Oni 02100 limited edition shirts

Oni and Denimio have released the long-awaited 02100 check twill shirts to celebrate Denimio’s new website!

For long time denim heads and Oni fans, these fabrics should prove quite nostalgic and of collection value.

The 8 oz check twill fabrics featured on these shirts are dead stock  fabric which used to feature on some of Oni’s  jeans as pocket cloth around a decade ago.

The colours and patterning on this fabric was slightly difficult to capture, but this fabric is denser, heavier and more variegated in print compared with most check twills used for work-shirting.

These shirts are best described as shirt-jackets, or over-shirts, in terms of density, cut and construct.

Woven tags feature at the neck and also the hem.

The hardware consist of black-coated Oni buttons in two different sizes, as featured on some of their jeans.

Whether as a stand-alone shirt or a light jacket, these 02100 shirts are pretty versatile.

Because of the density of this twill cloth, this shirt will prove to be durable, but unsuitable for hot weather.

As mentioned previously, this fabric is dead-stock, available in red/black and yellow/blue.

No further productions or colours are forthcoming – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Check them out at Denimio [red shirt] [yellow shirt]

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